Friday, May 8 kicked off meetings via Skype between Italian school students and the young Burkinabé who attend the library of ICCV, local partner of Tamat in the project RASA, foreseen between project activities. Italian schools involved are located in Umbria and they are the school of Pierantonio, the school of Selci-Lama and the Institute ITIS Piscille of Perugia: these are schools where Tamat is realising workshops about development education and awareness rasing about international cooperation issues.

The meetings have seen the guys from Italy and Burkina Faso exchanging questions and curiosities on issues related to the project RASA: eating habits, typical and favourite dishes, foods related to local cultures and religions, access to food, malnutrition and poor nutrition, agriculture and food security. The class of the ITIS Piscille, just back from a visit to the Expo Milano 2015, gave the opportunity to establish a critical reflection on the organizational management, the nature and theme of the exhibition “Feeding the Planet”, with those who sees their right to an accessible and adequate food, nutrient and produced using methods that respect the environment constantly denied. The youh together launched the idea to create a group on FB through which they can continue to know eachothers independently, according to the means and languages ​​which are more suitable to them.

The Burkinabe’ youth, confirming the spirit of African hospitality, have finally invited the Italian youth to spend time volunteering in Burkina Faso, at ICCV, during the summer holidays. That would mean … a great experience for all and we will do everything possible so to come true!