Saturday, March 14th was a great day for RASA: on the occasion of the celebrations for International Women’s Day, Tamat and ICCV organized an event entirely dedicated to women to officially inaugurate the opening of the Cereals’ Bank and Food Boutique foreseen by the RASA project.

The day opened in the name of gender equality: women and men have faced themselves in a soccer match in the square of the Cissin district. The women’s team has won on penalties against men. The event continued at the headquarters of ICCV where Simon, the local coordinator, explained the project to the community. Later, the animators trained by Tamat have made a demonstration to raise awareness on the issue of food and nutrition of children. Chiara, the project manager, went on to explain the importance of the Cereals’ Bank of Cereals for the neighborhood and holding out his thanks for the support received. For the occasion, Dr. Marcello Polcari, representative of the Italian Cooperation of MAECI in Burkina Faso, came to visit us stressing the innovativeness of the project and wishing us a good continuation of the activities. There was then the symbolic cutting of the ribbon, prepared by the children of the neighborhood, for the official opening of the Food Warehouse. The function of the structure is to improve, in lasting and ongoing terms, food security for the most disadvantaged groups, caused by the instability of agricultural production and the volatility of food prices, by storing basic cereals and selling them at prices lower than those of market in the periods in which they grow significantly. The events could only proceed with a community dinner and traditional dances. If who starts well is already half done, then we can define ourselves already on a good way!