The RASA BF project it’s at its end: its the balance time, then. Let’s start with one of the organic farming techniques that RASA has promoted since its inception, the butte sandwich. This technique of agroecology, introduced by the agronomist Robert Morez in the 80s, can replenish the fertility of degraded soils and reduce the amounts of water and nutrients, so that is also called butte self-fertile. The technique was proposed to the beneficiary farmers of the project through a series of practical demonstrations, accompanied by a simple theoretical explanation, and was to be applied by them thanks to the accompaniment of our expert Moussa Ouedraogo. More details on the technique have been presented in previous articles in this blog.

Until today, in 4 sites touched by RASA Project (Lao, Komsilga, Koubri, Samandin), equivalent to the same number of supported farmers groupements, were made in total almost 750 buttes! The numbers are clear: it has been a great success! However, the introduction of the technique was not easy at first, farmers were skeptical since the creation of a butte involves a considerable load of work and initial investment (the costs are recovered over the long term, making the butte less expensive than classic parcel over 4 years), not everyone was convinced to apply it. Little by little, thanks to the first demonstration effect and the positive testimonies of those who had done it, everyone was convinced of its effectiveness and usefulness compared to the classical method of cultivation. Increased yields, reduced intake of water and nutrients, elimination of pesticides and chemical fertilizers: a true organic revolution that has conquered all! We are convinced that, even after the end of the project, many more farmers will adopt the technique, and this is for us a great satisfaction!