RASA evolves its field of activities also in agricultural research. Tamat and ICCV-Nazemse, partner in the RASA BF project, are working on a research project on “Sustainable land management and improvement of horticultural production through the technique of “butte sandwich” in urban and peri-urban areas”, in collaboration with the National Institute of Environment and Agricultural Research (INERA).

This research aims at analysing the factors that limitates the the development of horticulture in Burkina Faso, among which are identified as key: the low soil fertility and water availability, the least mainly linked to the improvement of women’s work. In this context it is expected that the “butte sandwich” can be a decisive solution, by adapting and spreading it in the context of Burkina Faso.

The research project pursues multiple goals, all in line with the agricultural development plans of the country. First, though, Tamat aims to scientifically test the production performance that farmers groups adhering to RASA are highlighting, in particular: the reduction in water supplies and in the frequency of irrigation, the increase in yields crops of about 50% and the increase the profitability of the crop.