The arrival of the month of May has been beneficial to the RASA project: we have signed partnership agreements with the Municipalities of two rural departments involved in the project, Komsilga and Komki Ipala, to start the implementation of activities in rural areas with institutional support.

The Municipality of Komsilga, located in the south outside the capital Ouagadougou, is composed of 36 villages, of which the village of Komsilga is the county town and the one that gives name to the department. The last census, conducted in 2006, showed a population of about 53,000 inhabitants in rapid growth (the rate of population growth is estimated at 3% nationally). The most practiced activity is agriculture. The village of Komsilga, 8 km of dirt track from the main road, is also inhabited by the farmers who benefit from the project activities: a group of farmers men and a group of farmers/processors women.

The Municipality of Komki Ipala, located in the south-east of the capital, has 17 villages including the county town Komki Ipala and a population of about 20,000 estimated in 2006. The Lao village, about 12 km of dirt track from the road, is where are living the women beneficiaries of the project: these tireless farmers women, already gathered in an informal group to carry on the work in their own fields beside the work in the family lands, that each of them must honor and that is considered a priority, which belong to the head of the family (the husband or father).

The activities dedicated to them will include: raising awareness and training on integrated and organic farming techniques and horticulture (the intention is to achieve the total elimination of chemicals, at least in horticulture, usually used in large quantities by farmers but harmful for their health, for consumers and for the environment) and on small agro-food processing; the introduction of micro-credit as a instrument of support for the necessary investments (after appropriate training on credit and economic activity management).

We look forward to start!