Thursday, February 19th, has been a special day for the history of the RASA project. In the headquarters of the local partner ICCV-Nazemse took place the first meeting with the women of the community for launching the microcredit activity. It will represent the financial resources available to the members of the Purchasing Network wishing to develop small horticulture and food processing activities, whose product will then be sold in the Boutique and in the Restaurant. Microcredit is necessary at a time when, unfortunately, bank loans, due to high lending criteria, are inaccessible to most of the population excluding women in particular.

The event encountered a great success. At around 16 pm the court of ICCV was crowded with a large number of women, who gave an air of celebration and hope to the project with the many colors of their clothes. The meeting was opened with the intervention of the local coordinator, Simon, who explained the strategy and objectives of the project and how microcredit will contribute to their achievement. Madame Celine, the representative of women, showed all his charisma taking word and directing the group that perfectly integrated into the discussion. The result was a participatory, active and interesting meeting where all the participants exchanged ideas and points of view in an atmosphere of solidarity and sharing. At the end of the collaborators ICCV have compiled a document with all the names involved, the work already done and the amount requested. That today was only a small step to RASA but we can be sure that you have already laid a solid foundation for the project.