On February 26, 2015 at the headquarters of RASA in Ouaga was held the third day of training on nutrition by Dr. Carlo Romagnoli, the hygienist and nutritionist expert of Tamat, to the team recruited for projects’ awareness raising activities in the district. One goal of the project is to act on the problem of the incidence of diseases related to malnutrition through education of women to feed their children.

The aim of Carlo is to be able to form a multidisciplinary team that, through a participatory process of meta-organization, will take charge of the activities of measurement and interpretation of the indicators of growth of children and awareness of women in various contexts. The training was attended by the animators of the district, the representatives of women and other volunteers of the project. An integral part of the training was the development of a method capable of giving directions on nutrition and inform on the necessary care for babies and children, in a simple and clear way. The idea on which we are working together is to use designs that could explain in a direct and immediate way precautions and measures to be taken in respect of infants/children. In the picture, a first draft of the design that we asked to a local artist. In the afternoon the team measured the height and weight of four children in the neighborhood. The trained persons have proved capable to advise mothers on food to be given to their children according to the various problems they encountered.

RASA is Health&Nutrition too!!!