The first phase of microcredit provided by the project RASA and dedicated to the women of the community of Cissin has been launched. After two days of training on the management of an economic activity, conducted by the staff of the RASA project, starting from Monday 6 April the group of women benefited of the amount specified during the collective needs’ identification stage. The group consists of 55 women, including 28 “The elderly”, which have already benefited of the micro-credit programs of Tamat and ICCV in past years, and 27 ” The new ones”, who have never taken part in the passed programs.

Microcredit will allow women to start the activities of food processing and restauration that will be functional to the activities of the Warehouse Storage, the Food Boutique and the Community Restaurant of RASA, or alternatively extend the activities already practiced, which will be gradually integrated into the structures putted in place by RASA. Microcredit thus becomes an instrument capable of promoting and supporting the process of women’ empowerment, allowing them to create income generating activities, increasing their autonomy and freedom.