It’s almost two months now that the free activity of measuring and screening cases of child malnutrition and nutritional education to women/mothers, developed within the project RASA and realised in the infirmary of our local partner ICCV, has been putted in place. We can appreciate today the first results: 54 children examined, about 25 per month, 6 of which were found severely malnourished and 9 suffering from moderate malnutrition. Thanks to the Health and Hygiene course and Nutrition education for neighborhood animators made by the nutritionist consultant of RASA, they are now able to carry on the activities initiated by him independently. Mariam, one of the animators, describes the activity: “I have learned many things, to measure the weight and height of children, interpret the results, give advice to mothers and the work is going well. Stéphanie, another animators who plays also the role of supervisor, adds: “Thanks to the RASA nutrition program has been possible to raise awareness among families about a healthy and complete child’ nutrition by making them aware that children must be properly nourished in order to grow and develop properly.” Education in healthy eating and the fight against malnutrition are two complementary challenges that we face every day in RASA. A child adequately nourished today will be a healthy man tomorrow and able to build its life.