Thursday, July 30, we received with great pleasure Dr. Bruno Gentile, Director of the Italian Cooperation in Ouagadougou, for an official visit to the project RASA BF. After a brief presentation of the project and its dynamic staff, composed mostly by strong and passionate women, we accompanied Bruno in the structures that form the core of the project: 1. La Maison de la Femme (The House of Women), reference place for the Community Purchase Group at the disposal of the beneficiary women in particular, and those of the whole neighborhood in general, for their economic and social activities; 2. Le Champ de Ville (The garden of the city), which includes the warehouse storage, with its stock of corn, millet, peanuts, beans and soya, and the Food Boutique, which sells the grain stored in the warehouse and products transformed by the women’s group of micro-credit in the Maison de la Femme (corn flour, millet flour, Soumbala, peanut paste). It was really appreciated the spirit that drives the structure, that is ensuring food and nutrition security for disadvantaged groups of the district through the selling of cereals at lower prices than the market thanks to the direct relationship with small local producers. The visit continued in the small infirmary of the local partner ICCV-Nazemse, within which the project RASA launched the nutrition education activities and measurement and screening of cases of child malnutrition, to end in the space that is being renovated to host the Resto La Jardinière (The gardener), eco-Community restaurant foreseen by the project.

Bruno’s visit was an opportunity to show the hard work done in the past months, evaluating together the positive aspects and those to improve. Given its experience in the field, we will treasure his invaluable advice. Thank you Bruno, we are waiting for you at the opening of our restaurant for a more tasty visit!