Tuesday, June 16 took place the first day of awareness raising and training on the techniques of organic farming for farmers from the areas involved in the RASA project. About 40 people attended, representing all the other beneficiaries, in this first important day that has took place in the organic vegetable garden run by the women of the local association La Saisonnière.

The day saw a first theoretical session with the participants in classroom, held by our expert trainer Moussa Ouedraogo, focused on the benefits and value of biodiversity and local products, the importance of the right of all peoples to food sovereignty and the illustration of organic composting and soil preparation. The training then continued on the field, where the participants, divided into two shifts, took active part in the demonstration for the realization of the compost, for fertilizing plants, and of the butte sandwich, a technique for preparing pre-sowing soil that allows to reconstitute soil fertility through stratifying it with compost, dry herbs and water. After lunch, prepared with products of the garden by the women of the association, farmers were free to visit the garden and share questions and information with women who run it.

At the end of the day, the participants have returned to classroom for a summary of the day, expressing their views. None of them was aware of the illustrated techniques and the methods of organic farming. Farmers have reflected on the benefits of such techniques: compost production (water, ash, manure and dried herbs) for example is at no cost and the positive effects on soil and crop grow over time. The day was exciting for everyone and is the first step of a path that will take us to the realization of organic gardens!