On Sunday, March 22 RASA team had the pleasure of organizing an awareness raising event related to malnutrition with Customary Chief of the district of Cissin. Our goal was to inform the public about the starting of the free activity of Measuring and Screening of malnourished children, and nutrition education to women/mothers, that is taking place every Tuesday and Thursday in the infirmary of ICCV and has been developed within the RASA project with the contribution of nutritionist consultant of Tamat, dr. Carlo Romagnoli.

The Customary Chief is an archaic figure of the ancient African societies. In general, the Chief is the custodian of the history of the ethnic group to which it is linked through the dynasty. His role is a combination of divine and earthly power. In fact he was appointed to perform the sacred rituals, as well as to mediate in conflicts between members of the community. It derives its authority from the sense of belonging to the ancestors. It plays a key role in the community and his involvement is essential to enable its resources.

In the early afternoon, in the house of Customary Chief, was held an open meeting with the population. To the call answered a lot of mothers with many children, and even some men. The intervention of Carlo attracted the interest of the participants on the activities proposed by RASA and on malnutrition problems. Ms. Bouda, one of the nurses, told in local language the prerequisites for a healthy diet. The authority and knowledge of the community by the Customary Chief allowed to discuss those issues directly and ensure easy understanding. Ultimately, in the eyes of the population the day was a sharing moment that aimed at a collective and participated well-being. The meeting ended full of good intentions by all and with the hope that they can be fully realized during the project.

We take the occasion to express our strongest thanks to Carlo, which is at the end of his journey with us and will soon be back in Italy: without his perseverance and dedication, without his interest in local dynamics and traditions, whose understanding is at the basis of an action that wants to be truly a community one, all this would not have been possible.